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It’s that wonderful time of year. I’m not talking about Easter, I’m not talking about Christmas, but you could nearly call Australian rules a religion in this Great Southern Land.

The theme songs which you can hear as war cries from the faithful – the beloved fans of each of the eighteen teams of the league. Each song is unique to the team. The theme instrumental in the heart and soul in each of the players, management, and the league as a whole to united.

Without any doubt, passion erupts at every match, from both respectful teams.

So, what are the theme songs and how are they can still be a powerful influence at every single football match?

The AFL club theme songs have taken songs from operas, music hall or traditional songs. Many of the lyrics have also been changed to reflect a club’s values, morals and to express desire of winning! Conversely, for the modern era of club songs – especially clubs that have either been merged or added over the years have been written by some of Australia’s famous songwriters.

The songs are catchy

Yes, they are catchy. The lyrics are easy to remember for the faithful of your respectful team, but because you are passionate about seeing your boys (and girls!) in blue, or red or white, or whatever.

Like many zealous fans who live and breathe about the game – knowing the lyrics is just one phrase of becoming immersed with your footy team. Nothing is worse than just mumbling along to a song you don’t know – but for die hearted fans of the football gladiators of AFL, this isn’t a problem.

You can even sing about in the shower, if you so choose too. But nothing quite beats hearing your AFL club song over the speaker at the MCG, or SCG. There’s something almost surreal in that moment. Particularly if we are talking about the Grand Final.

It united the faithful

If I didn’t already say it – club songs united faith fans from all walks of life. It reunites a passion, a spark and shear happiness within people that almost feels like war cries and defines generations past and present.

You know the old rule of thumb – you can’t talk about religion, politics or sex, but yet, in Australia, if you barrack for the ‘wrong’ football team – can it seriously get one into serious trouble? Yes and no. Still, it must have been awkward drive to and from to the MCG for Kath Day and Kel Knight with their irrespective football teams and not a word before the match! (As Kath Day says “Go the Yellow and Black!”)

Australian culture is within sport

I can’t talk just within AFL (Australian Football Rules) terms. There’s plenty of good sport in Australia. Yet, within our Australian culture, lies a necessary truth. We love our sport. Even if we don’t play it, we embrace it.

There’s numerous sports, tournaments and competitions within this country and Internationally that Australia is recognized for. There’s the Australian Open, Grand Prix, Melbourne Cup, NRL (National Rugby League), and Twenty-Twenty (to name a few). Each are unique in their own way to enhance the essence of Australian Sport.

AFL has a history of its own, yet it is apart of Australian history going back approximately 150 years. Diversity of the AFL is changing, allowing women to play in AFL (Australian Women’s Football League) but we have a long way to go to ensure more people feel accepted for who they are in Aussie Rules.

 It is a game for everyone – and essentially, everyone is welcome to play it.

Photo by Juan Salamanca on Pexels.com

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